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About us

About the company

Today, there are just under 60 employees in the group. Head office and base for our activities is in Blomvåg, Øygarden municipality. We have been farming here for 50 years, since 1971. We have locations in Måløy, Radøy, Meland, Fensfjorden and Øygarden.

You can visit us at The Salmon Center.  Here you will be taken out in a boat to see the fish at our farm Ljøsøy N and we will give you a chance to understand how we fram the fish from A-Z. Please contact "Kystmuseet i Øygarden" to book a trip out.


Over 50 years of farming fish

Blom Fiskeopdrett AS is a family business that was founded in 1971 by fish farming pioneer Andreas Blom; one of the pioneers in Norway in the farming of salmon and trout. The company is now run by the second and third generations, and has been led by Øyvind Blom since 2009.

The company has a proud tradition within The Norwegian Farming Industry. The founder Andreas Blom was for a number of years central in the development of what is today Norways third largest export industries. He also played a central role in the formation of The Norwegian Seafood Federation and other organisations.

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A changing industry

Blom Fiskeoppdrett have grown over the years. Starting from one homemade site with a very smal production to now have ten facilities where we produce around 40-50 million meals of salmon and trout every year. It has been a log journey were we have learned a lot about the fish it self, production of fish, technology, equipment, suppliers, environment, customer and consumer.

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Cooperation to development

As a small player, it is expensive to innovate and develop new technology and methods. That is why we have teamed up with other fish farmers to develop new slaughter boats and wellboats. Such cooperation is important for the industry to develop, become more sustainable and efficient.

Thermo Service

Together with Kobbevik and Furuholmen Oppdrett AS we own the boats Hordabas and Hordafjell.


These boats deliver fish for slaughter. The fish are pumped on board, killed and the gill arch is cut. It is then cooled down in RSW tanks to just above zero degrees Celsius, where the water is recycled to maintain its quality throughout the entire transport. At the slaughterhouse, the fish is gutted and further processed before the fish goes through packaging and further transport.


Such a process increases the quality of the final product, improves fish welfare and is more environmentally friendly than using wellboats.

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Well boat shipping company

Together with four other farming companies in Austevoll, Fitjar and Bømlo, we established the company Hordalaks AS in 2018. Here we contracted one of the countrys largest well boats, with a well of 4,700 m3. The boat can transport up to 500 tonnes of live salmon for slaughter in one trip, or treat 480 tonnes for lice.

Increased capacity

Hordalaks AS started with Blom Fiskeoppdrett, as well as Kobbevik and Furuholmen Oppdrett AS, each owning a third. The rest of the ownership was divided between Fremskridt Laks AS, Engesund Fiskeoppdrett AS and Fylkesnes Fisk AS. In 2020, the companies Hordalaks AS and Erko Pioner AS were merged into Hordalaks Holding. Through this, the boat Horda Pioner was also brought into the company. It has a well of 3000 m3 and is 77 meters long.


Local involvement

We are a contributor to the local community with jobs, sponsorship, value creation and activity. As a family business, we are long-term in all our thinking and actions. We must developed and run the business to benefit the local communities, employees and owners. The company will be a spearhead within the marine industry locally in Øygarden and where we have activity. We emphasize leaving as much as possible in the local community.

Small businesses have an important role in the local community, and Blom Fiskeoppdrett AS does everything it can to ensure that local businesses benefit from our existence. This is economically important for the society and we will seek to contribute to this locally. Through cooperation with Kystmusset, The Salmon Center is also a key investment area for informing tourists, politicians, school pupils and local communities on who we are, what we do and how we do it.

The company is a member of SalmonGroup, The Norwegian Seafood Federation, NHO and Vest Næringsråd.

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