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Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

How can you visit Blom Fiskeoppdrett AS?

It is possible to visit our Salmon Center at the site Ljøsøy, which is located in Øygarden outside Bergen. At the Salmon Center we take out tourists, school classes and other visitors. Booking takes place via the Coastal Museum in Ovågen, check out these websites if necessary:

Can students use Blom Fiskeoppdrett in research and school work?

It is always exciting to discover new things, research and analyze work. We are a small company and we cannot help everyone. If you have a school assignment or some form of study where you need data and interviews, you can get in touch using the form at "Contact us".

I have seen something around the farm that looks abnormal. What should I do?

We appreciate it when local people inform us about events in and around our sites. If you see something, please give us feedback in the form of e-mail or telephone.

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